Using Children’s Interests to Teach Them Family History | Nicole Dyer

Nicole is a genealogist and mom. Her love for family history started as a teenager when she made a book about her female ancestors for a young women’s church project. After not making the volleyball time in middle school, Nicole embarked a a journey of family history discovery with her mom. She blogs about family history and children, genealogical research, and more at

Today on Family History for Youth:

  • Learn how to make a brave ancestors book with your children
  • Discover what it takes to create a successful heirloom hunt
  • Learn all about family history story time and how you can start it in your community
  • Best tips for parents who are new to family history
  • Keys to getting her kids on board

Mentioned Resources:
7 Brave Women by Betsy Hearne
Brave Ancestors, Brave Daughters: Make A Brave Women Book
Creating Family Photo Coloring Pages
Family History Storytime
Heirloom Hunt

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