Growing Little Leaves | Emily Kowalski Schroeder

Emily Kowalski Schroeder is a scientist turned genealogist, librarian, and mom. Emily is the creator of the Growing Little Leaves website and blog, an incredible resource for parents looking for doable activities that successfully introduce family history to children.

Today on Family History for Youth

  • Discover how Emily’s transition to becoming a stay at home mom led her to create Growing Little Leaves
  • Hear how some of the most successful activities are also the simplest
  • Learn how to do play-doh pedigree charts and map your family’s immigration
  • Get Emily’s tips for finding family history kids books and hear her current favorites
  • Leave inspired knowing that there are many easy and accessible ways you can connect your kids to past generations

Mentioned Resources
Play Doh Pedigree Charts
Immigration Mapping
Learning About the Census
The Young Mom’s Guide to Saving Family History
Watch the Stars Come Out by Ricki Levinson
The Laura Line by Crystal Allen
When Jessie Came Across the Sea by Amy Hest

Connect with Emily
Facebook: Growing Little Leaves

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