Connecting Teenagers to their Ancestors | Miya Jensen the Polynesian Genealogist

Miya Jensen aka the Polynesian Genealogist is a professional genealogist with a BA in Family History and Genealogy from Brigham Young University. She discovered genealogy in college when she determined piano performance and finance were not the right fit. Since then, Miya has found a love of Polynesian research and getting teens involved in family history.

Today on Family History for Youth

  • Miya shares her unique path to discovering family history
  • Be inspired by Miya’s Polynesian pioneer ancestors’ stories of perseverance and faith
  • Discover how surfing and family history are related
  • Hear Miya’s three best tips for getting teenagers involved
  • Learn the difference between oral tradition and oral history. Then discover how to conduct and oral history interview

Connect with Miya
Instagram: The Polynesian Genealogist
Facebook: The Polynesian Genealogist

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