FHY 6 – Family History for All Ages | Melissa Finlay

Melissa Finlay is an accredited genealogist and mother. She discovered her love of research as a young girl and often asked for rides to the state archive before she had her license.  Melissa went on to earn a BA in Family History and Genealogy from BYU. She is a skilled U.S. researcher and she is an expert at finding fun ways to incorporate family history activities that all ages will love!

Today on Family History for Youth

  • Melissa shares how finding a box of pedigree charts as a young girl inspired her to discover more about her family
  • Learn how her mom and grandparents supported her newfound passion and gain insight on how you can do the same for your children and grandchildren
  • Hear Melissa’s reasons for sharing family history with the next generation
  • Find out how to take your family on an Ancestor Hometown Tour
  • Get all the details on holding your own Family Photo Recreation Contest
  • Discover Melissa’s best tips for parents who don’t know where to start

Connect with Melissa
Email: melissa@boundlessgenealogy.com
Website: Boundless Genealogy
Instagram: @finlaymelissa
Facebook: Boundless Genealogy

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