Sharing Family Stories | Stephany Pando of Cuento Books

Stephany Pando is the creator and owner of Cuento Books, a company that creates custom family history storybooks starring your ancestors. Steph was inspired to create Cuento Books after her son was born and she realized they loved sharing stories about the families they grew up in. After learning about how knowing family stories has a positive impact on a child’s development and seeing how much fun it was to incorporate those stories into reading time and bedtime, Cuento books was born.

Today on Family History for Youth

  • Steph shares about learning family stories as a child from her grandmother
  • Learn the story behind Cuento Books
  • Hear tips on creating an engaging family story your kids will want to hear again and again
  • Gain ideas for celebrating Latin American heritage
  • Get all the details on holding your own Family Photo Recreation Contest
  • Discover how to make a Heritage Journal

Connect with Stephany
Website: Cuento Books
Instagram: @cuentobooks
Facebook: Cuento Books

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