Connecting generations while uncovering the facts and stories of our ancestors’ lives is an exciting journey. It would be my privilege to help you discover your family through customized research. With a bachelor’s degree in Family History and Genealogy, I am trained in research, analysis, and deciphering old handwriting.

I would be delighted to help you compile a family tree, solve a difficult research problem, or verify the convoluted information that may exist in FamilySearch Family Tree.

Research Services Include:

  • Review of client information and previous research findings
  • Creation of a specific research plan
  • Research and analysis of all relevant sources
  • Recommendations for future research
  • High resolution copies of all documents

Upon completion, you will receive a comprehensive research report with all findings, suggestions for future research, document images, and a research log. Negative findings and unsuccessful searches are included in cost. If requested, I will also attach and organize all new sources to your ancestors in FamilySearch.

$40 per hour with a 3 hour minimum

10 hours – $375       20 hours – $750


I love helping individuals develop confidence in their ability to do family history. I offer one-on-one consultations in Northern Virginia. During these sessions, you determine the pace and topics. Many individuals receive help with and, while others decide to dive deeper into the research process.

$25 per hour


I am a trained English paleographer which means I can read and transcribe English documents back to the 1500s. Transcription is a great way to preserve your family letters and journals. Plus, it simplifies sharing among family.

Transcription projects include a free consultation and price estimate. Transcription includes digitization of the document and digital transcription. Upon completion, you will receive a PDF copy of the digitized record and transcription.

$25 per hour